ESTEC Open Day

Very recommendable to everyone who has the opportunity to attend! It is held at least once a year and every time it is more interesting and with more activities. And not everyday you meet an astronaut! 😀 Here is a video about the last event on 5th October. Source of pictures: ESA  


Approaching British Culture

I think that the British culture is not something unknown to me (even similar in some aspects to the Spanish culture) but I do not think I could "pass an exam" about this subject ;). We need prepare ourselves to understand the British humour, the incomprehensible cricket, and how to properly address the famous British gentlemen and ladies :)... Continue Reading →

Preparing to Move to Another Country

There are hundreds of website giving advice about how to move to another country but I have found this quite complete one: WikiHow: How to Move to a Foreign Country And about moving to England: Keep Calm and Travel: How to Move to England And these 3 blogs in Spanish about moving to and living in... Continue Reading →

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