Welcome to The Expat’s Corner

This project has been in my mind many times since I decided to move to Holland.

I am a Spaniard living in The Netherlands because of love, since October 2010. My husband works for ESTEC and we live in Leiden.

As an “expat” I have learned many things about living here (I am constantly learning new things every day! :D) and I would like to contribute through interesting online resources/information and my experiences, hoping to be useful to others with similar challenges.

But this blog will be mainly a space where I will share my thoughts, hobbies, etc. practising my English (please forgive my mistakes 😉 ).

I want to return “the favour” to all people who have helped me by sharing their time with nice stories and pictures and useful advice.

One last reason to create this blog is my family and friends. I never forget them. They are always supporting me. They are always my best fans. This space is for you all, helping to make us feel always close, always present.

Welcome to you all to my beloved project: The Expat’s Corner


5 thoughts on “Welcome to The Expat’s Corner

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  1. This is a great idea!
    Congratulations on this exciting new project!
    Can´t wait to hear more stories..
    Big hug


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