Leiden and its Treasures

I have thought of starting this blog giving my point of view of Leiden because I think it is a nice city for expats in The Netherlands.

Speaking about practical matters, it has all kind of shops and it is very comfortable to go anywhere on foot or by bike. It is also a well communicated city by train, bus or car with the rest of the country. It is at around 45 Km from Amsterdam (30 Km from its airport), 20 Km from The Hague and 35 Km from Rotterdam.

If you need more practical information about living here, I recommend an interesting Yahoo Group, Leiden Expats, where information, tips and adverts of stuff to sell is shared by expats living in Leiden.

Of course, all these comforts are very important for me to like living in this city but they are not the only reason.

I can not say that I know Leiden very well but I am falling in love with it as I get to know it better :D. I am discovering treasures around each corner since I arrived here in 2010. Leiden is full of them: its canals, parks, historical buildings, the Saturday market, wall poems… I love walking around or having a hot drink in the nice city-center’s cafes, enjoying the views! :).

The historical Leiden is a lively city with a student environment. With its famous University as a protagonist (the oldest in The Netherlands, 1575), culture in all its aspects is promoted: interesting museums, active cultural agenda, etc.

In this line, the project “Poems and Walls” was created, decorating the city with beautiful and surprising “wall-poems”. At the moment, there are 103 all over the city, according to the official list.

I have just started my personal “wall poems” album and every time I come across one I am very happy! 😀


PS (Family&Friends)when are you going to visit me to enjoy the beautiful Leiden? 🙂 😉


Thank you for your comments.

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