Arriving in The Netherlands: First Steps

When you start living in The Netherlands you are likely to have many doubts about bureaucracy, finding a house, health care insurance, schools, etc. My case was not different: I have spent hundreds of hours looking for the information that I needed. I have now a good compilation of links that I would like to share with you :).

I have seen that ESTEC is not of much help in this for partners. I think their employees are well advised but their partners have different issues in some aspects and there is no centralized point where you can find this kind of help. Of course, you can also ask workmates because in a full-of-expats organization it is easy to get some clues. I hope this lack will be solved soon. I leave here my suggestion :D.

There are many guides on internet to help you with your first steps in Holland. Some of those which I find with quite complete information are in the next webs: XPat MediaACCESSI am Expat, and in Just Landed between others.

You can also ask for advice at the Expat Centres/Helpdesks in many cities of The Netherlands. I have found these two lists with differents links: ACCESS list, INSEGO list.

The most complete guide for expats that I have found is “Holland Handbook“. It is a very good compilation of information, tips, explanation about Dutch culture, interesting references and it is regularly updated (every year, I think). You can buy the book in many bookshops in Holland or on internet. I have also bought the iPad app of this guide and, in my opinion, it is really useful and very well done.

Finally, I would like to recommend two fairs for expats in Holland: “I am not a Tourist” Fair, organized by in Amsterdam, and “Feel at Home in The Hague” Fair, organized by TheHagueOnLine. Both are a good opportunity to know many kinds of companies offering services/products interesting for expats.


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  1. I’m sure a lot of students will find your website very handy. There’s nothing worse than bureaucracy, now is there?


  2. I would like to improve my Dutch.
    Could you please give me the name and address of the University you have done your course
    Many thanks. Best regards,


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