Discovering The Month of The Flowers in Holland

This is my first spring in Holland and I think it is lovely :). After the cold and dark winter, the spring in The Netherlands is full of brightness and colour everywhere, quite a feast for the eye! May is the month of flowers and I think that Holland, the country of the tulips, is the best place to enjoy it :D.

I can see Dutch people love gardening (it is a huge business in the country) and in this period they arise in all their finery showing us wonderful gardens full of beautiful flowers. I am not exaggerating, you will understand it when I tell you in this post about some of the most famous flower exhibitions that you can visit in Tulipland (or Flowerland?) in May :).

I hope you like them as much as I do. I am really enjoying discovering the nice things of this country :).

Keukenhof Park and The Tulip Fields Around

This famous garden of 32 hectares is the world’s largest flower garden and it is situated near Lisse. You can enjoy the 7,000,000 millions bulbs that are planted annually in the park in an artistic decoration. They have an enormous number of kinds of tulips, the star in the garden. You can also take beautiful pictures at the many colourful tulip fields around Keukenhof. The park is open annually from mid-March through mid-May.

I can’t give my opinion about the park because I couldn’t visit it this year… I will have to wait for next year :(. What I did was to take many pictures of the tulip fields. They are really beautiful ! 😀

Flower Parade (Bloemencorso)

This parade is full of awesome made-with-flowers figures that you can enjoy through its route from Noordwijk to Haarlem (40 Km).

The time flew while I was watching the many floats and musical bands. I really liked it…and they gave me tulips and bulbs! I was thrilled to have my first pot of a tulip :).


Floriade is an international exhibition of flowers and gardening celebrated every 10 years!! This Horticultural World Expo is held this year between 5th April and 7th October in Venlo, near Germany.

I am looking forward to visiting its five themed areas on a site of 66 hectares and enjoy its agenda full of events. By the way, it has a cable car of 1,100 meters!

Japanese Garden

This garden, which is inside Clingendael Park, could go unnoticed because it is really smaller than the others but it is a jewel in the middle of The Hague. It can be visited for a limited period; this year is open from 30th April to 10th June.

In there you are transported to a peaceful place with the only sound of birds and water. I really recommend not to miss the opportunity to enjoy it.


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  1. Hi Ana, during my stay at NL, I lived in the middle of a tulips field, in De Zilk, a couple of km from Lisse… as Arturo about my place there during ’98 and ’99 and he will tell how privileged I was during the blooming season and during the summer (as my house was also near the beach). Hugs. Luisa.


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