Health Care Insurance for Expats

When living in The Netherlands, it is mandatory to be covered at least by a basic healthcare insurance provided by a Dutch insurer (extended information about the Dutch healthcare system can be found in Expatica and in Just Landed) but, being an expat, you could have special needs that are not covered by Dutch insurance schemes.

When referring to healthcare insurances for expats I mean those ones you can use in at least two countries of your choosing or all over the world (very often, plans can include EEUU, too).

I am new to all these matters because the healthcare system in Spain is quite different to that in Holland and I am not used to using “private” health insurance. During my “investigation” I have got familiar with the usual “terms” in this process.

1314902_medical_doctorI think that, in general, these insurances for expats are quite expensive but I imagine that it is due to the fact that you can choose doctors in any country within the coverage area with post-treatment cost reimbursement.

Below I indicate companies that I have found that operate in The Netherlands and my experience with some of them :). Information has been taken during 2012, so it may not be up to date:

Vanbreda International: They offered their “Expat Plus Insurance” for expats, which is now taken over by CIGNA. This insurance will cover you for 90 days per year in a country different to that where you reside.

BUPA International: Very important British healthcare insurance company. They have Worldwide Health Options insurance and also special ones with Spain, Australia and Guernsey. Its sister company in Spain is Sanitas (site in Spanish).

HEALTHCARE INTERNATIONAL: They apply a 2-year moratorium to serious illnesses from the last time those required treatment, and the travel expenses to give birth in your home country are included.

IMG: Health insurance for Americans and also operates as a travel insurance.

InterGlobal: They apply a 2-year moratorium to serious illnesses from the last time those required treatment.

AXA PPP international: Interesting prices and conditions. They apply a 2-year moratorium to serious illnesses from the last time those required treatment.

Allianz International Health Insurance: I could not check this company because they asked for my credit card number before giving any quotes and conditions for me.

Expatriate Healthcare: I was not phoned back to receive information about their insurances.

MediCare International: I did not get information.

Clements: I did not get information.

In Internacional Citizens site it is possible to find some information and there is an online comparison chart of some expat health insurance plans.


Thank you for your comments.

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