Vlinders aan de Vliet (Butterfly Zoo)

In May, my husband got a SLR camera as a birthday gift and since then we have searched photographic “topics” to learn to make better pictures.

It was in this way that I got information about an indoor tropical butterfly zoo in Leidschendam, Vlinders aan de Vliet, and we decided to spend and afternoon there taking pictures of these beautiful animals :). I think it is a very nice place to visit and I recommend it to everyone. I think big and small ones can enjoy it :).

The zoo is open to the public from mid-February to late October. There you can find a variety of tropical flora and fauna though the main protagonists are butterflies :). In this greenhouse is kept a high level of humidity to recreate the natural conditions of the species, so I assure you that you will not get cold there … ;). Inside there is also a café to have a rest, with merchandising for the smallest ones :).

These are some of our “hunt preys” ;):

CIMG3669a DSC_7581a

DSC_7701a P1030647a DSC_7697a DSC_7694a DSC_7689a DSC_7685a DSC_7662a DSC_7661a DSC_7659a DSC_7650a DSC_7640a DSC_7632a DSC_7631a DSC_7625a DSC_7592a DSC_7617a



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