My Visit to Keukenhof

Last spring I visited Keukenhof for the first time, one of the spring symbols in The Netherlands which, of course, I could not miss :). I spoked a little about this park in a previous post last year.

This park is situated at Lisse, the municipality where are the majority of greenhouses and fields of flowers, specially tulips. It is very large (32 hectares) and is covered with beautiful flower decorations in its gardens. More than 7 millions tulips, daffodils and hyacinths give you a burst of colour. Here you find the perfect place to see all species of these bulb flowers, with many different forms and colours, but doesn’t contain long fields of tulips.

Keukenhof is very touristic, full of visitors, and with cafes and selling points with food and merchandising almost in every corner but I don’t think that this spoils the atmosphere of the park. I really enjoyed the bright and warm day walking down its paths through its gardens, lakes and little bridges :).

For sure I will repeat the visit the next spring :).





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