Ice-Skating in The Netherlands

speed skating nlIce-skating is very popular in the country, specially speed-skating.

You usually find speed, figure and hockey skates

hockey-skates figure-skates speed-skate

There are many indoor skating places in Holland and they are usually open between October and March. You can also  find clubs to practice and to take lessons for all ages.

I usually go skating on Sundays in the skating hall in Leiden. It has a nice café with views on the ice rink and a shop where to rent skates if you do not have your own and to buy all kind of stuff related to this.

But the best of all is to skate outside when the canals are frozen. The young and the elderly enjoy playing with the snow and skating on the canals.

Finally, combining speed skating and frozen canals results in the famous race in the country called Elfstedentocht. It is an almost 200 Km tour which is held in the province of Friesland when the ice on the course is deemed good enough, happened about 15 times since 1909. All the country is looking forward to having again that event, where contestants and leisure skaters can take part.

IMG_0666 IMG_0672 IMG_0676 IMG_0691 IMG_0692IMG_0698 IMG_1409


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