The Royal Concertgebouw (Concert Hall)

Do you know that The Royal Concertgebouw, in Amsterdam, is considered one of the finest concert halls of the world? It is a paradise for lovers of music along with places such as Boston’s Symphony Hall and the Musikverein in Vienna.

It was recently explained to me that modern concert halls are generally good in acoustic for the public but leaving the stage “dry”, that is musicians hardly listen to each other because all the sound is sent around to the public.

Grote ZaalB(Fred George)The Concertgebouw deserves this recognition as a magnificent concert hall thanks to its wonderful acoustic, Kleine Zaal(Leander Lammertink)specially on stage of its two halls, both the Great Hall and the Small Hall. Musicians can enjoy the concert as much as the public, motivating them to give their best performance.

This beautiful building is situated in Museumplein (close to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum and the Stedelijk Museum) and was built in late 1886 with a Neoclassical style by Adolf Leonard van Gendt, opening on 11 April 1888. The organ hosted in the Great Hall was built in 1890 by the Utrecht organ builder Michael Maarschalkerweerd.


Figures based on wikipedia, today, in the Concertgebouw are interpreted annually about eight hundred concerts a year for an audience of 850,000 people, which makes it one of the most visited concert halls in the world. There you have the privilege of enjoying concerts from the best symphony orchestras and musicians of the world, including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in their own base.

DSC02054Even not being keen of classical music, in my opinion it is really worth a visit. Its interior with its decoration is so fantastic as its acoustic. There are English guided tours several days per week. The building had a significant renovation from 1985 to 1988 with a wonderful work to keep the hall’s acoustics and constructing a new side wing that fits, in my opinion perfectly, with the rest of the building and host two fantastic cafes.


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