About Ana

I am a Spaniard (from The Canary Islands) living in Reading, United Kingdom, since July 2014. I graduated in a M.Sc. in Business Administration & Management in Salamanca and, after living several months in Dublin and for 4 years in Holland, I am very excited about starting now my life in the UK.

I began this blog in Holland and it has been always a tool to share my learnings and experiences about living abroad and hoping that it will be useful to others with similar challenges.

But this blog is mainly a space where I share my thoughts, hobbies, etc. practising my English (please forgive my mistakes 😉 ).

Welcome to you all to my beloved project: The Expat’s Corner

You can find out more about me in my web.


6 thoughts on “About Ana

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  1. Dear Ana, Great site and great initiative. All the best and hope to see you soon. We spent 18 years Expat in Leiden but as you know well we moved South in seek for sunnier sky. Come to visit us in Valencia. Besos


  2. Congratulations Ana, it is a great idea and I hope you write frequently. I have red a lot of you in your Facebook and I think you are having a good time in Leiden.
    Best wishes and UN ABRAZO.


  3. Hola!!!
    ¿Qué voy a escribir aquí siendo tu padre?… pues que que musta mucho tu web y soy muy feliz de saber como vives, como eres y de ver como siempre tratas de incrementar tu felicidad queriendo ser útil a los demás. Muchos besos de tu padre… ¡ya quedan menos días para dartelos a ti y Arturo personalmente!.


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