Preparing to Move to Another Country

There are hundreds of website giving advice about how to move to another country but I have found this quite complete one: WikiHow: How to Move to a Foreign Country And about moving to England: Keep Calm and Travel: How to Move to England And these 3 blogs in Spanish about moving to and living in... Continue Reading →


We are moving!

Recently we have received exciting news: my husband has been relocated in his job and we are moving to England! We are going to move in June so we have 6 months to prepare :D. He is going to work close to Harwell and we want to be also close to London and to the... Continue Reading →

Ice-Skating in The Netherlands

Ice-skating is very popular in the country, specially speed-skating. You usually find speed, figure and hockey skates There are many indoor skating places in Holland and they are usually open between October and March. You can also  find clubs to practice and to take lessons for all ages. I usually go skating on Sundays in... Continue Reading →

De Haagse Markt

I have recently visited De Haagse Markt for the first time, a great market close to the city center of The Hague. It opens every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 to 17h. There I have found wonderful fresh fish, fruits and vegetables with a really good price. I have the impression that here they are... Continue Reading →

My Visit to Keukenhof

Last spring I visited Keukenhof for the first time, one of the spring symbols in The Netherlands which, of course, I could not miss :). I spoked a little about this park in a previous post last year. This park is situated at Lisse, the municipality where are the majority of greenhouses and fields of flowers,... Continue Reading →

Vlinders aan de Vliet (Butterfly Zoo)

In May, my husband got a SLR camera as a birthday gift and since then we have searched photographic "topics" to learn to make better pictures. It was in this way that I got information about an indoor tropical butterfly zoo in Leidschendam, Vlinders aan de Vliet, and we decided to spend and afternoon there taking... Continue Reading →

Nederlands Oefening (Dutch Exercise)

Goedemorgen iedereen! Het is lang geweest sinds mijn laatste post! Ik heb Nederlandse lessen op Universiteit Leiden en ik heb heel veel te leren. Daar studeren we grammatica, vocabulaire, luisteren en spreken. Elke dag hebben we huiswerk om grammatica en vocabulaire te oefenen. Soms heb ik een schrijfwerk over de onderwerp van de les te maken. Ik ben... Continue Reading →

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