ESTEC Open Day

Very recommendable to everyone who has the opportunity to attend! It is held at least once a year and every time it is more interesting and with more activities. And not everyday you meet an astronaut! 😀 Here is a video about the last event on 5th October. Source of pictures: ESA  


The Royal Concertgebouw (Concert Hall)

Do you know that The Royal Concertgebouw, in Amsterdam, is considered one of the finest concert halls of the world? It is a paradise for lovers of music along with places such as Boston's Symphony Hall and the Musikverein in Vienna. It was recently explained to me that modern concert halls are generally good in acoustic for the public... Continue Reading →


Last 6 December children in The Netherlands received presents by their shoes from Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) but delivered by his assistants, Zwarte Pieten (Black Peters). Sinterklaas comes from Spain on a steamboat with Zwarte Pieten who deliver kruidnootjes (small ginger cookies), and Sinterklaas rides in The Netherlands on a white horse called Amerigo. Sinterklaas' day... Continue Reading →

Ice-Skating in The Netherlands

Ice-skating is very popular in the country, specially speed-skating. You usually find speed, figure and hockey skates There are many indoor skating places in Holland and they are usually open between October and March. You can also  find clubs to practice and to take lessons for all ages. I usually go skating on Sundays in... Continue Reading →

De Haagse Markt

I have recently visited De Haagse Markt for the first time, a great market close to the city center of The Hague. It opens every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9 to 17h. There I have found wonderful fresh fish, fruits and vegetables with a really good price. I have the impression that here they are... Continue Reading →

“Vlaggetjesdag” in Scheveningen

Dutch herring is considered a delicacy in The Netherlands and Dutch are crazy about their herring. It is usually eaten raw with onion, on a sandwich or pickles. "Vlaggetjesdag" (Flag Day) is an annual celebration welcoming the arrival of the first young herring of the season to the port of Scheveningen and Vlaardingen. The name comes... Continue Reading →

My Visit to Keukenhof

Last spring I visited Keukenhof for the first time, one of the spring symbols in The Netherlands which, of course, I could not miss :). I spoked a little about this park in a previous post last year. This park is situated at Lisse, the municipality where are the majority of greenhouses and fields of flowers,... Continue Reading →

Marktplaats (Second-Hand Online “Shop”)

Everything is sold and bought in Marktplaats, from cars to spare pieces for bikes. Its search system is very convenient, allowing you to find what you need (and where and when) quickly. It is also just as easy to post an ad. I have used it to buy several items and I have never had a bad... Continue Reading →

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